ENESOL and its founder and key team members have worked for some of the largest and most relevant businesses in the renewable energy sector undertaking engineering, project management and providing other services for projects from Arnhem Land to Antarctica to Alice Springs to Alaska.

Some sample projects undertaken include:

(Please note the we have worked on many more projects, some of which cannot be listed here for confidentiality considerations.)

Coffs Harbour City Council Feasibility Study and Program Management of Portfolio Solar System Rollout (NSW)

Feasibility assessment with scoping, sizing, detailed technical and financial modelling followed by technical and commercial specification creation, management of tender procurement process and program management of the design and construct contract for more than 2MW of solar systems.

Innovative Smart Solar / Battery / Control System for Supply and Demand Management (NSW)

Innovative concept, detailed design, procurement, project management and application creation for successful NSW government grant funding for this smart solution to increase the capacity constrained grid supply via smart controls and a battery system to enable a regional school to install much needed air conditioning. This project has been celebrated as a success by all stakeholders, including the NSW Government, the school, its teachers, children and parents.

Bulk Rollout of Residential Solar Power Systems for Community Housing

Procurement and project management for the installation of over 800 solar power systems and over 600 other energy efficiency measures including ceiling insulation, LED lights and heat pump hot water systems for NSW largest community housing provider. This multi million dollar project pioneered the first bulk rollout of the NSW state government’s Home Energy Action Program, with the aim of assisting low income households to reduce their energy bills.

Bielsdown River (NSW) Commercial Solar Battery Hybrid System for New Greenfield Village Development

Sizing, engineering, performance assessment and management of the procurement process of a commercial new solar battery hybrid power system to supply electricity sustainably to a new residential aged care village and medical centre. Including heatpumps for space heating,  private electricity metering at the dwelling level, new electric connection to the distribution network, energy hub building to house the batteries and electrical and control system infrastructure and a carport mounted central solar system.

Consulting Study on Solar PV Inverters for the Australian Energy Market Operator AEMO

Data analysis and assessment of all solar inverters operating on the National Electricity Market (NEM), determination of frequency and voltage trip points for all inverter models, summarising and reporting on capacity levels and trip points.

Illawarra Flame House, UOW Residential Energy Storage

Team UOW’s winning entry in the Solar Decathlon China, 2013. The house is an award winning example of energy efficiency retro-fitting.  In 2015 an Energy Storage System scope and RFP was developed to take the project to the market for competitive procurement.

BP Solar Moree (NSW) 150MW Solar Flagship Project Design and Funding Submission

Engineering, resource and performance assessment and writing of the technical, engineering and solar resource sections of the successful funding submission for BP Solar for the 150MW solar PV power station under the Federal Government Solar Flagship Program, with a project value just under $1 Billion.

Sustainable Buildings Research Centre 150kW – University of Wollongong

Project management and client liason for the delivery of a complex, multi-contractor project with complicated OHS requirements.  The project was a finalist in the CEC awards in 2014

Kings Canyon (NT) Solar Inverter Upgrade

Upgrade of the then defunct Kings Canyon Solar Power Station in remote central Australia, design of new inverter system and components, procurement, installation and commissioning of two 125kW central solar inverters with distributed MPPT combiner systems. The project received great praise from the utility customer, Power Water Corp.

Solar Cities, Ergon Energy, Residential Grid Connect Solar

Supply chain, product advice and strategic relationship management from 2006 to 2013 to enable Ergon Energy to deliver over 1MW of solar power of residential and commercial solar systems.

Mawson (Antarctica) Hybrid Wind Diesel Heat and Power Microgrid System

Resource and energy assessment, design of the new wind diesel control system concept, engineering of the new system, and onsite supervision and undertaking of the installation and commissioning of a sophisticated large off-grid hybrid wind diesel heat and power remote area power system with extreme climatic, technical and logistical challenges at Mawson Station, Antarctica.

Design and Project Management of Various Commercial Solar PV Systems

Resource assessment, design and project management of various commercial solar PV systems for a range of customers, grid connected as well as off grid, fixed roof top and double axis tracking installations, including the award winning Mylestom Bowling Club 60kW PV system (finalist CEC Awards 2013)

Turnkey Bremer Bay (WA) 1.8MW Hybrid Wind Diesel Microgrid Power Station

Design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management of the complete new greenfield, turnkey, micro-grid hybrid wind diesel power station development in Bremer Bay, WA, including installation of a large Enercon E-40 wind turbine generator (600kW) and four new sophisticated low load diesel generators (total 1.2MW), advanced high penetration control system, civil works, switch boards, buildings, fuel tanks  and all associated works with a safe, on-time and below budget outcome. The EPC project was a great success in many aspects.

Product Development Program to Create a Commercially Viable and Technically Proven Concentrating Photovoltaic Dish (Global)

Commercialisation of concentrated solar dish power stations by applying innovation in design, optimisation of functionality and minimisation of installation, service and O&M requirements of a new concentrated PV dish product. This meant executing a wide and diverse program of multiple parallel projects requiring integration and resourcing across all engineering disciplines and company departments and of many external contractors and consultants.

Cape Flattery (Qld) Diesel Battery Storage Power System with Intelligent Generator Control and Demand Side Management for a Silica Mine Operation (1994)

Already in 1994 we were pat of the design and project delivery team for a 800kW, 500kWh battery storage system for the mining industry to enable the provision of startup capacity and spinning reserve for large mining loads through a large containerised lead acid battery system coupled with intelligent demand side management and sophisticated diesel generator control.

Greenough River (WA) 10MW Solar PV Farm

Working for BP Solar on conceptual and detailed design and customer negotiations for the proposed 10MW solar farm near Geraldton in WA for Verve Energy.

Uterne (NT) Solar Power Station Inverter Preventative Maintenance Program

Design, establishment and undertaking of preventative maintenance service work for Australia’s first central solar inverters (2 of 500kW each).

Various Wind Farms (Mt Millar, SA; Albany, WA; Windy Hill, Qld; Esperance, WA; et al)

Design, engineering, resource assessment, installation and commissioning of large scale wind turbines and farms.